We labor in this life; Jesus paid for our eternal life

Labor Day weekend is upon us. For many this is the last summer outing for a time of rest from their labors of the vocation they are in. Following this weekend schools will be in full swing and there is not another holiday from school or our vocation labors until Thanksgiving Day.

Hopefully most of you haven’t been on vacation from church. Because missing church is like missing eating. If you don’t feed your soul with God’s Word and the Sacrament you would starve your soul like you would starve your body if you do not eat food.

If you have been on vacation from God’s soul food, now is the time to start anew. Now is the time to be back in full swing with your children to hear that the labor has been done for your salvation. Many try to earn their way into heaven with what they do or how bad they are not. None of this is satisfactory for the payment of the sins you commit daily in thought, word and deed.

The Lord Jesus Christ came to do the labor of making payment for your sins on the cross. It was a labor you could not do and it took the labor of his suffering and blood for the only payment acceptable to God for your sins.

Thanks be to God that you only have to labor in this life for the necessities of this life. And thanks be to God that he sent his Son, Jesus, for the labors of the payment needed for your eternal life; because of that, every day is a Labor Day vacation.

The Rev. Arie Bertsch is pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Minot.