School’s in session: Drive safely

School is in session in Minot, and unfortunately, classes began smack dab in the middle of street construction season.

Anyone who’s driven near the city’s elementary schools, middle schools or high schools knows the city streets in those areas quickly become congested, especially during the morning drop-off and the afternoon pick-up.

Heavy traffic has been taken into consideration with Minot’s two expanded elementary schools, Lewis and Clark and Longfellow. New traffic flows are being established around the schools, which will hopefully make dropping off and picking up students at those schools quicker and safer.

Street construction continues around Minot. There is work being done on University Avenue. Third Street Northeast near Central Campus is under construction. The Sixth Street Underpass project is in its first of two years of work. The projects are necessary and must be done, and the fickle North Dakota weather hasn’t exactly been helpful this summer.

With heavier traffic now the norm near schools, and with street repairs rerouting drivers throughout the city, it’s a good time for a reminder to drivers to be especially aware of your surroundings when you’re near any school in town. Pedestrians, too, need to take extra caution when crossing any streets. Let’s make sure everyone gets to their destination safely.