The week that was

GOOD NEWS FOR MINOT STATE Initial reports show Minot State University’s enrollment increasing 4.5 percent, with an increast of 151 students. Enrollment numbers won’t be considered final for the fall semester until a few weeks down the road, but the growth is good news for the university. Minot State experienced lower enrollment numbers following the 2011 Souris River flood, which wiped out a lot of housing in the river valley that had been inhabited by students. Minot State officials said there have been increases in various groups, including a 6 percent jump in students from?Ward County, an 18.4 percent increase in out-of-state students and a 14.2 percent increase in international students. We’re happy to see the university rebounding so quickly from the 2011 flood, and we expect the growth to continue.

WHAT WAS THAT? Twerking? Huh? Whatever that was being done by Miley Cyrus on last weekend’s MTV’s Video Music Awards, we’ve had enough of it. Twerking? Looked like a whole lot of unnecessary gyrating and wiggling by the actress and singer, and we use those terms loosely to describe the former “Hannah Montana” star. Cyrus’ “performance” was the latest example of a young “star” who simply needs attention. She’s not the first, nor will she be the last to parade half-naked in front of an audience with the intent of shocking them. Too bad she can’t shock her fans with her actual singing talent instead. No one should have been surprised, we guess, considering Cyrus’ recent past, which keeps her in the tabloids and on other celebrity news shows. Hopefully she’s enjoying herself now, because from what we’ve seen, her “career” appears destined to be a short one.