Dangerous traffic area

Max C. Zurcher, Minot

I have never seen any media reports of the fire that started to the south of Walmart around the first part of August. This fire started in the 70-acre ravine that may have 60 years or more of dead grass in it. Had we gotten the normal amount of rainfall, this ravine would have had all dead grass and may have all burned.

There are many homes built all around this ravine, many are very large homes. I live in a very beautiful area that the fire was heading toward, right to the west of Walmart. There are 169 homes where I live and we have one road in and one road out both being the same road.

The past eight years I’ve been able to talk with the last three city engineers about not having another way to get in and out. Their answer is always, “It’s going to happen.” Not happy with their promise. The last previous three years that I talked with the city manager, I even took pictures and diagrams of what I was talking about. He said he would get back to me. I finally called the fire marshal and was told that everybody always wants something.

Now to make matters worse the city has built up the prairie trail going south past my home for the Crystal Springs residents to get back and forth because 16th Street Southwest is shutdown for construction of city sanitary sewer. The road is 12 feet wide and a sign by my home says one-way traffic going two ways. Another sign says 25 mph, however, most people go 50 mph or more to get to one of the two turnouts. The church across the road from us also has a driveway coming out right next to the one-lane traffic sign.

One of our county commissioners calls the 83 Bypass lights by Behm’s truck stop a deathtrap. Why doesn’t someone come out here and see the mess we have. I’m quite sure many people in this area would appreciate his concern for us also.