Riverdale range improved

RIVERDALE – It gets a lot of use and was in need of an upgrade. Mission accomplished.

Improvements to the Riverdale shooting range were completed this past July. The range has been busy ever since. Dan Halstead, North Dakota Game and Fish Department, was in charge of the upgrade.

“Basically we did some safety improvement to make it a little bit better range,” explained Halstead. “We built a 10-foot high berm on the east side of the range. There was never a berm there in the past. We added six to seven feet to the earthen backstop. It is 20 feet high now.”

The range is located on Corps of Engineers land which is also a Wildlife Management Area operated by Game and Fish. The additional earthwork helps ensure the safety of those who may be utilizing the WMA while others are shooting at the range.

Among the most visible improvements to the range is a pair of concrete shooting tables sitting atop a concrete shooting platform. The platform includes a ramp to make it handicap accessible. The shooting tables were manufactured in Bismarck. One has adjustable seats. The other is open to allow for wheelchairs or stools.

“We also added the concrete barriers to the parking area,” said Halstead. “That eliminates people driving down range. We had some problems with that.”

The concrete tables have been outfitted with rubber matting, which provides a comfortable rest and a friendly surface on which to set firearms. The range is open to the public. It is located south of Riverdale on the Riverdale Game Management Area. Shooting hours are sunrise to sunset. Range rules are posted at the site.