Starting terminal project

Preliminary work should begin soon on a new terminal at Minot’s International Airport after the Minot City Council accepted a $40.7 million bid this week.

Ground-breaking could happen in mid-September on the project, with a goal of finishing the new terminal by the fall of 2015.

It was welcome news, indeed, considering that the current terminal has become too small for Minot’s rapidly expanding airline usage. There simply isn’t enough room in the current building, nor is there adequate parking.

The new terminal project has been in the works for some time. As with every major project, securing funding has taken time. A?major contributing factor to the council giving the temporary notice to proceed with the project was the awarding of a $6.56 million federal grant at the end of August. The grant allows the city to issue a temporary notice to proceed, which means contractors can break ground, organize equipment and install underground utilities and foundations. The city is awaiting the awarding of another $3 million in federal discretionary spending, which would allow the city to issue a full order to proceed with construction. That funding is expected to come by the end of September.

It all adds up to good news for Minot and users of the airport. As airline boardings continue to rise in Minot, the new terminal project simply can’t get done fast enough.