Minot’s annoying traffic

We’ll just say what everyone in Minot is thinking right now: Traffic in town is absolutely ridiculous.

We fully realize that North Dakota’s fickle weather can wreak havoc on an already short road construction season, and this spring and summer certainly have been no different. Untimely rains no doubt slowed down road work projects for the past few months.

Still, drivers can’t help but be extremely frustrated by the current situation, which includes:

One-lane traffic on a portion of Sixteenth Street Southwest.

The underpass at Sixth Street Southwest near the Minot Public Library remains closed, cutting off that street as a north/south traffic route.

Work on Third Street Southeast, just south of the Third Street bridge, began the week classes resumed at Minot Public Schools, and the Third Street bridge has been closed to traffic from the north.

And we certainly can’t forget to mention that part of University Avenue right in front of Minot State University was under construction the week classes began there, and road work recently began on streets around Jim Hill Middle School, which has long been a congested area for drivers, especially during the school drop-off and pick-up hours.

Again, we have some sympathy to officials trying to map out the summer’s road construction projects, but we sense a quickly growing level of anger among drivers. Essentially, by having these projects happening at the same time, nearly all the north/south traffic in town is being funnelled onto Broadway, and that route isn’t capable of adequately handling that much traffic in a timely manner. The once-short commute from one side of town to the other, which has already gotten longer because of a growing city population, has become downright annoying.

We hope for everyone’s sake that these projects are wrapped up quickly, before we all get a serious case of road rage. For some, it may be too late.