To enforce or not to enforce?

We continue to be amazed at the Obama administration’s stance that it will allow Colorado and Washington to thumb their noses at federal law by permitting recreational use of marijuana.

The two states approved laws to legalize small amounts of marijuana for personal and medical use, even though the state laws run afoul of federal legislation.

Nevermind, say some in the Obama administration, and some lawmakers in Washington, D.C. Sen. Patrick?Leahy, D-Vt., said the Justice Department should focus on prosecuting violent crime and respect the votes in Colorado and Washington.

Drug-prevention groups and some law enforcement agencies obviously disagree with the laws, and the lack of concern from federal officials that the states are breaking federal law.

Then again, what should we expect from the Obama administration. On one hand, the feds tell Arizona it can’t create its own immigration policy because that’s a federal responsibility, while on the other hand the feds ignore Colorado and Washington laws that clearly conflict with federal statutes.

Meanwhile, North Dakota farmers aren’t allowed to grow hemp, a distant and non-hallucinogenic cousin of marijuana, because the Drug Enforcement Agency won’t issue the necessary permits despite North Dakota passing a state law years ago making hemp a legal crop.

We remain as confused as ever on this subject.