Blame for the sequestration

Marty Graner, Minot

This letter is to address Cody Stanley of Grand Forks’ note blaming the Republicans for the sequestration. Look back, Cody, and you will find that Mr. Obama was the person who pushed the sequestration.

Also the idea that we are not taking care of the poor in our state is not correct. As a social worker, I take issue with all rules and regulations that prevented me from enhancing and enabling people from becoming independent. When I worked in the welfare field my success was more than 92 percent. The poor were taken care of for all their basic needs. My job as a social worker was to get them off the rolls. As Jesus said, not only are we to take care of their basic needs but teach them how to provide for themselves.

The government rules and regulations hinder the goals of so many programs that could be very good. The Head Start program can be a good program, however the government tells you all the things you can do and can’t do. Again rules prevent the staffs from being better at teaching as they spent more time complying to regulations. Many of the Head Start staffs have told me that they hinder from teaching part as they must comply with very set guidelines. These same people (staff) have said they would like to get more parental involvement, but they are regulated by what they can do and can’t.

Every situation is different and flexibility is needed and much creativeness by those helping to improve the lives of the low to poor people. Money is not the answer, priority and creative behaviors will do more to enhance people’s lives.