Church holds northwest block party

On Saturday afternoon, the Apostolic Faith Church in northwest Minot held the “83 Bypass Block Party,” the first of its kind for the church.

Children from around the neighborhood came to take in all the activities including a dunk booth, a clown, bouncing castles and lots of games.

“The kids play the games and, win or lose, they get a prize,” said Barbara Pearson, the wife of the former pastor there who now is a traveling evangelist and just returned with her husband from Georgia.

She added that the church has had get-togethers in the past but “maybe not quite as elaborate as this,” and past events were called “Friends Day.”

Dennis Sletten, the director of the Sunday School for the church, said that he was happy with the turn out. He said he recognized about half the children from the Sunday School and the others were new faces from the neighborhood. And they all seemed to be having fun.

There were several children lined up at each game site, but the dunking booth proved particularly popular. It was staffed by two men, Tyler Woolwiner and Brian Eilers, who would alternate on the bench but would never fail to get dunked, to the children’s delight, whether the target was struck or not, despite the water being very cold.

In another area, a little boy seemed to take a great interest in the basketball hoop. In another, kids would take their tickets to the prize booth to receive their prizes. There were miniature stuffed animals, plastic hand clappers, fun children’s sunglasses, and little flashlights with the text “Jesus is the light” printed on them that a volunteer at the booth said was a popular prize choice.

There was also free food.

“We’re serving sloppy joes with chips, pickles and bars,” said Danyel April, a volunteer. All the food, other than the meat and dessert bars, which were prepared by church members, was donated to the party by the new Marketplace Foods on Minot’s North Hill.