City updates status of road projects

The City of Minot has released the status of road projects in the city that will be continuing this week.

The projects include:

Sixth Street Underpass project: Detour remains in effect. Second Avenue will be closed to through traffic in sections, starting as early as Monday. In addition, the original detour route has been temporarily modified to reflect the construction at the 16th Street Southwest and Burdick Expressway intersection. Maple Street is open as work is completed on the railroad crossing quiet zone project. Concrete has been poured on Sixth Street, north of the underpass, and concrete should be going under the bridge this week.

400-500 block of 16th Street Northwest: Re-opened as of Friday.

13th Street Southeast: Closed from about 21st Avenue to 37th Avenue Southeast. By the end of the week, the intersection with 31st Avenue likely will be open. At that time, 34th Street will remain open and 37th Street will be closed.

16th Street Southwest at Burdick Expressway: Head-to-

head traffic will remain throughout the next couple of weeks. Work will shift from the east lanes to the west lanes. One lane in each direction will be maintained. Lights have been extended, and delays experienced during the first few days of this project are substantially less.

31st Avenue and 16th Street Southwest: The signal being installed at the intersection of 31st Avenue and 16th Street should become operational this week. Traffic Control Corporation is scheduled for a “turn on” on Wednesday.

In addition, there are small pockets of construction throughout the city.