Obama’s business request

As Congress approaches a potential showdown on raising the nation’s borrowing limit, President Barack Obama is asking some of the country’s top corporate executives to help him work with Republicans.

It’s a surprising approach for Obama, who spoke Wednesday at a business roundtable. The president also said he will not negotiate with Republicans over raising the borrowing limit, which the government could hit as early as next month. It’s a surprising tactic considering Obama’s statements during the 2012 presidential campaign, where he consistently said the government, not the business owners themselves, were responsible for the success of small businesses. “You didn’t build that.” Anyone remember that statement from the president?

And now Obama wants members of that same business community to help him win favor with Republicans? It’s hard to see that happening.

Obama will certainly have his work cut out for him; Republicans are preparing a long list of things to attach to the discussion of raising the borrowing limit, including forcing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, reforming tax codes, and blocking funding for Obama’s health care law.

We’d be surprised if Obama received enough support from the business world to help him stand firm against the Republican demands. Actually, we’d be shocked.