Lansford man receives weather award

Christopher Simmons, of Lansford, has been awarded the Cooperative Observer Program 35 Year Service Award from the National Weather Service. He has been a dedicated Cooperative Weather Observer for the National Weather Service and since the summer of 1978 has logged well over 4,300 days of precipitation observations. Simmons is one of over 100 cooperative weather observers in the state.

The National Weather Service has a network called the Cooperative Observer Program. Every day in the United States, more than 10,000 people observe and report weather information such as temperature and rainfall data for the past 24 hours to their weather forecast office. This information is important and serves as a data bank for the general public which becomes available at the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. The information is used if a contractor is seeking average temperature data for building construction or if an insurance company is looking for monthly precipitation data to honor an insurance claim for a drought. The information is also used for weather forecast prediction models and flood forecasts in order to continue to make accurate predictions for the future.

Simmons said one of his most memorable severe weather days was when he spotted three tornadoes in one day. The National Weather Service is grateful to Simmons’ dedication to his community and country.

– Jill Hambek