Finding strength in numbers

LIVE UNITED: Two very simple and straightforward words. Two words that encompass so much for local communities and the Souris Valley Area.

For me, LIVE UNITED represents strength in numbers and compassion and caring for your neighbors.

Let’s look at the strength in numbers. Individually could you personally help provide Education, Income and Health related services to over 29 local programs? I think not unless you happen to be Bill Gates.

So how does one do all of that? You can help by investing in your community. I believe the best way is to make an investment to the Souris Valley United Way. Your contribution combined with the investments of other individuals will have a remarkable outcome. The strength in combined investments will provide much needed assistance to the local programs which provide important services for our community.

Compassion and caring are traits which we hope to possess and exhibit by our actions. Combining your gift with those of others will provide services to folks in need of counseling, emergency shelter, home delivered meals for our elders, early learning opportunities for children, and leadership programs for our youth. The list goes on and on.

As an individual, the tasks seem almost insurmountable. But, with LIVE UNITED your investment united with others will provide the financial resources which are granted to local programs whose end product is the compassion and caring that at some point in our lives we all need.

So I challenge each and every individual and business in the greater Minot area to LIVE UNITED. You can help today through payroll deduction, visit or write a check directly to the Souris Valley United Way.

The key to a strong community is to make the investment and LIVE UNITED.

(John MacMartin is the 2013 SVUW Campaign Chair)