Bond request would be burden

M L Berg, Minot

One of the first bond issues voted upon by the people of Minot took place in July 1888. The issue at hand then was the installation of a public waterworks system, and voters were called upon to approve bonds for $8,000. However, when votes were cast on July 3, the money was not approved. Many people were already struggling in those tough economic times, and were not ready to assume even a modest financial burden for a waterworks.

At that time, typhoid fever was rampant in town and in the surrounding area. A waterworks might well have saved lives by securing a fresh water supply to residents.

The upcoming vote for a large amount of money for schools does not represent a life-or-death matter, unlike the July 1888 bond issue. Our schools undoubtedly need to be enlarged and improved, but the amount of money sought at this time would undoubtedly pose a heavy financial burden on many residents.

I would expect it to be turned down for that reason. I would hope that people involved in raising funds for our local schools will pursue the path pointed out by Robert Hale in his letter in The Minot Daily News on Sept. 1. Perhaps someone with such responsibilities here has been talking (behind the scenes) to people in Williston who have already, according to Mr. Hale, succeeded along this line.