Lots of questions about schools

Donald Kinney, Minot

Why does “build a new elementary school in southeast Minot” sound like what was voted down a few years ago?

How many people believe when Supt. Mark Vollmer said “If there was no need to build the (second 9-12) high school, we wouldn’t build the high school.” The plans are to change Central Campus into a fourth middle school, where do they plan to send the 9-10 grades?

Vollmer and business manager Scott Moum said the final tally wouldn’t necessarily add up to that much; a successful bond issue would merely give the district the authority to spend up to $125 million if it turns out to be necessary. How many politicians will not spend money if authorized?

Why a second high school?

Will the two schools be a stand-alone school to include sports, bands, after-school clubs at each one?

Will the two schools require the same number of teachers (double the number of teachers we have now)?

Will the sports teams have to downgrade to Class “B” sports as the number of students will be cut per school?

Where will be the dividing line for attendance at each school? Will it be a fast-hard rule line like the river or Broadway or some changeable political lines to be determined every couple of years?

Why not build one larger high school that can hold 2,500 to 3,000 students which would be about one third of the total students? Then change Magic City Campus to a middle school and Jim Hill to an elementary school?

Anyone want to bet that Minot will see this brought up at every election and numerous separate special elections until it is passed?