Winning war against weeds

Lianne Zeltinger, Minot

I would like to thank Mayor Curt Zimbelman for hearing the cry from the valley. He knew who to contact to get the ball rolling. I also would like to thank the gals, Tessa Sandstorm from the North Dakota Petroleum Council and Katie Haarsager from Enbridge, who worked diligently putting together the River Valley clean up. I am sure that they were overwhelmed at times, frustrated at other times, and yet they persevered. It was fun working with strangers from around the area with a common goal get rid of the weeds. The valley is getting cleaned up ever so slowly.

Spraying the weeds would really be the icing on the cake. It would be great to see no more weeds.

I do hope that private property owners who are having difficulty taking care of their yards take advantage of the offer put forth by the committee and call if they need assistance with yard maintenance.

Together we can beat the weeds.