Office building construction running smoothly

Construction on the Ward County office building has been under way for more than two weeks now and everything is going swell.

“We’re progressing according to plan,” Glenn Moen, a leader of the project for the Minot-based Mattson Construction Co., said Wednesday.

That progress is despite the wettest year on record in south Minot, with .7 inches falling Monday and Tuesday alone.

“We’ve got some rain coming,” Moen said of the forecast. “We just have to work around it.”

Moen had said earlier in the month that the goal for the project before winter was to get half of the building’s foundations set, allowing for steel and pre-cast erection work to be done during the colder months.

Some motorists might have noticed a large mound of dirt just north of the East Burdick Expressway bridge at the intersection with Valley Street.

That dirt is being collected in the parking lot the county rents from Canadian Pacific Railway. The lot is rented both to provide space for county employees and construction workers to park and as a staging area for construction materials and vehicles.

About a third of the dirt being excavated from the site is being collected to refill the holes, according to a worker on the scene. He said that they haven’t begun hauling any away yet, thus the mountainous pile.