FEMA: Mission accomplished

Two years after it began, the Federal Emergency?Management Agency’s temporary housing mission in Minot has ended.

Following the devastating 2011 Souris River flood, FEMA brought 2,052 temporary manufactured housing units to the area, providing housing for 1,960 households. As of Tuesday, FEMA?reported that all households had moved into permanent housing.

Of course, there were a large number of agencies that helped displaced residents transition into permanent housing solutions, ranging from volunteers and groups such as Hope Village and Recovery Warehouse that continue to help area residents repair or replace flood-damaged homes to government programs that provided low-interest loans. Where would Minot and other flood-displaced residents in the area be without the outpouring of assistance over the past two years? We’re not sure we even want to entertain that thought, because a lot of residents simply would not be as far down the road to recovery as they are without that help.

Despite some bumps along the way, FEMA has successfully completed its temporary housing mission in Minot. Providing temporary housing for nearly 2,000 households is not an easy feat, and certainly cannot be accomplished without making some mistakes and learning some lessons. Yes, there were necessary changes (adding the entryways to the units to protect the doorways against harsh N.D. weather, for example), but the importance of FEMA’s assistance, which included a number of extensions, cannot be overlooked.