The week that was

BUS CHANGES A nine-month study of Minot’s public bus system has concluded that the city could change its routes to serve the busiest areas of the city without adding additional money. The changes would create core routes which would serve areas that see the most ridership, while running buses from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Currently, fixed-route service ends at 4:30 or 5 p.m. on weekdays, and there is no weekend service. Consultants who studied the city system said passengers said they would like to see longer hours as well as more direct services, which have been incorporated into the new plan proposal. The city has budgeted $867,161 for bus service in 2014. We’re glad the study has gathered much-needed information from actual users of the public bus system in creating potential changes. That’s obviously the best way to address concerns and make changes, but too often members of the public don’t make their opinions known when asked about a particular subject, then aren’t satisfied with the resulting changes.

OIL PRODUCTION TO DOUBLE? North Dakota’s daily oil production will double by 2017. That’s a prediction from Department of Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms, who said the state’s production will double to 1.6 million barrels by that year. The state is currently the No. 2 producer in the nation, with an average of 874,460 barrels daily in July. Only Texas ranks ahead of North Dakota. Double in the next few years? That’s hard to fathom, considering how fast the state has already risen in the ranks. Then again, we have no reason to doubt Helms’ prediction.