New tax concerns

Warren Schneider, Bottineau

As a small business owner, I am afraid that the 2014 “Health Insurance Tax” will have a devastating impact on local companies, especially in a community like mine. We need to stop this unfair tax before it goes into effect. Many of us are already stretched to the limit, and if our companies have to absorb the costs associated with this new tax, there may be no other option but to pass them on to our customers and/or employees.

Our business puts a lot of money back into our community. It may be hard to do when times get tough, but we give money in every direction when there is an organization in need. Small business owners care about their local communities and support them because it is just the right thing to do. Our government needs to support our efforts to stay in business so that we can keep doing that. You cannot contribute money if you are battling the checkbook just to stay alive. This Health Insurance Tax is just going to be another slap in the face for small business owners and our local communities.

I was born and raised here in North Dakota, and I want what is the best for our state and the entire country. We need our members of Congress to support the proposed Jobs and Premium Protection Act. This bill seeks to repeal the Health Insurance Tax. We need to see that happen before the damage is done.