Feds abusing authority

Thomas Beck, Carrington

Why are we allowing the federal government make the American people into their slaves?

Consider the founders of this nation, deeply mistrusted the federal government. They saw a limited need for federal government, so in the United States Constitution they clearly stated the exact duties of the government. Then to emphasize this, they said in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Or to say in another way, “If any duty, job, or need is not written in the Constitution, then the federal government can not do it. It is the sole constitutional right of the people or local state.”

So we can see how much power the federal government has stolen from the states and people, look the State of the Union, on Jan. 11, 1944, by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Here he calls upon Congress to pass some new Constitutional amendment, so as to promote the general welfare. These items were:

Right to a Job,

Right to a living wage,

Right of farmers to aid so to make a living,

Protection against all monopolies,

Right to own a home,

Right to health care,

Protection from loss of income from retirement, illness, accidents, or unemployment:

Right to an education.

Consider if President Roosevelt wanted it to be added to the Constitution, he understood that were not Constitutional rights. Yet now these are considered as implied Constitutional Rights, and we are enslaved to the federal government to give them to us.

It we were to look back at least 120 years, you would see all the problems which were listed in President Roosevelt’s second bill of rights were present, yet they were dealt with by the people themselves or by the local community. Yet why are we so willing to beg the federal government to manage our lives for us, and grant us these very rights or duties which are ours in the first place. Even when doing so, we make ourselves into a slave of government. Of course there are always people in power who are more than willing to allow you to become their slaves.

It this is troubling, then it is time to return the federal government to its constitutional role. It is time to regain the freedoms listed in the Declaration of Independence. It is time to speak out.