Homeowner complaint prompts water test

The City of Minot was taking water samples in a northwest Minot neighborhood Friday after a report of bacteria in a private sample tested by First District Health Unit earlier this week.

“We were presented with the information and we are looking into the issue,” public works director Dan Jonasson said in a prepared statement. “We do not know how the samples were taken, where they were taken from or what type of containers were used. These things all affect the results of a water sample.”

The city is working with First District Health Unit and expects to have test results by Monday.

The homeowner whose private sample tested positive for coliforms said she sought the testing because she and her family have experienced flu-like symptoms, skin and mouth abscesses, tooth problems and other health-related issues. Rebecca Rosales-Olmos said members of her family have been on prescribed antibiotics on different occasions.

Rosales-Olmos had her water privately sampled through a local company and tested by First District Health Unit. She shared her test results with The Minot Daily News after what she said has been a lack of response by the city to her multiple complaints.

“I am done being sick. This is not fair to people,” she said.

Rosales-Olmos purchased a flooded home in the valley and moved in during 2012 after making repairs, including new water pipes. Rosales-Olmos said she noticed the water was tinted but the city assured her that it was safe. Because of health issues, her family stopped using the water for most purposes and has been buying or obtaining water at no charge from the city water treatment plant.

She said some neighbors have reported health issues that cleared up after switching to bottled water or installing filters. City officials said they are unaware of any homeowners with water concerns other than Rosales-Olmos.