Terrin McKay “Terry” Erickson

Terry Erickson was born May 3, 1940, the son of Mamford and Kathleen Erickson. He graduated from Mohall High School in 1959, completed a year at Minot State College, and served for three years in the Army. Terry had an enduring passion for North Dakota, his family and friends who remained there, and the farming community where he grew up. For the last 43 years Terry was known as “The Viking,” an independent owner/operator in the Outdoor Amusement Industry. He met his goal of 40 years on the road, and reluctantly retired in 2010. There were no strangers in his life and he made friends wherever he went. Terry was preceded in death by JoEllen Erickson, his wife and partner of 20 years; his sister, Shayne (Erickson) Duncan; and his parents.

Surviving members of his North Dakota family are: his sisters, Shelley Erickson, Lynne Triplett-Benson; his children, Cal M. (Kellie) Erickson; and grandchildren Colten, Chyann, and Cayden, Carrie M. (John) Steier and grandchildren Michael, Kate, and Reily, Carmelle Erickson, and their mother.

Surviving members of his Florida family are: Jody Gay and family, Frankie Taylor and family, and Nickie Lambert and family.

Terry’s family want to express their heartfelt thanks to Lon and Glenda McWhorter, who proved to be the best kind of friends.