Stanley man faces jury for sex crime

STANLEY Prosecutors are seeking a four-day jury trial in the Class AA felony gross sexual imposition case of Mario Garcia Bucio, 33, Sunnyside, Wash. He is accused of having sexual intercourse with a 12-year-old girl once in May 2013.

“That goes to the calendar control people and they start looking around for dates,” said Wade G. Enget of the Stanley-based law firm Schulte & Enget, who is prosecuting the case, of the future trial in a phone interview with The Minot Daily News.

Jane Doe, as the unidentified girl is referred to in court documents, claims that after her mother left the family home in New Town, Bucio, who was there for an unidentified reason at the time, removed her from her bedroom where she was asleep with her brother and sister. He then took her down to the living room where he removed her clothing and had intercourse with her.

Bucio, who speaks very little English and is a Mexican citizen, had his name mistakenly inversed as Mario Bucio Garcia until he finally corrected the courts recently, according to Enget.

Bucio currently has a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, hold on him regarding his immigration status, but Enget had no further information on the subject.

The pre-trial conference Thursday, where he appeared in person, resulted in the denial of the defense’s motion to reduce bond and for Bucio to have to pay only 10 percent of the reduced total. Bond will remain set at $250,000 cash or corporate surety, to be paid in full.

Bucio is currently being held at the Heart of America Correctional Center in Rugby, which is about a 65 mile drive from his attorney, Robert Wade Martin of the Minot location of the state Public Defender’s office. That distance, Martin argued, made face-to-face interactions between the two difficult.

The interactions are already difficult because a translator is required in all their talks.