Kids attend Scandinavian arts camp

The younger set will be out in full force during this year’s Norsk Hstfest.

Children attending the Scandinavian Youth Camp held Saturday and Sunday at Minot High School-Magic City Campus steeped themselves in Scandinavian arts, crafts and dance over the weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, 9-year-old Autumn Rich lay as still as she could while classmate Emme Miller, 9, pressed strips of plaster of Paris, moistened with water, into her face to make a troll mask.

“It’s like we’re doing papier-mache,” said Emme. “You just push it down.”

Both girls giggled when the troll mask was removed from Autumn’s eyes, leaving bits of the white plaster still sticking to her face.

Once the troll masks dried, they would be decorated, explained Margaret Lee, one of the instructors. Children added paint, bits of fur and other things to add individuality, like big noses or warts.

“It’s a commitment,” said Lee, since the kids also have to agree to perform at the Hstfest and march in the troll parade at different times during the event.

Emme said she signed up for the camp this year because her family wanted her to try it out.

“I’m Norwegian,” she said.

“So am I, a little,” said Autumn.

Down the hall, in the library, the LEGO camp was taking place for the first time.

LEGO originated in Denmark, said instructor Dan Parker of Seattle, who is with the TbP Group, which organizes custom LEGO displays, events and education.

On Saturday, children were working on their own and building objects that came from their imaginations; on Sunday they built a group project. Parker had showed them some LEGO buildings he had created with a Scandinavian theme, including a Viking encampment, a Viking long ship and a Viking shield. All of the art will be on display at a booth in Stockholm Hall during the Hstfest, said Parker. Some of the kids will also come back to visit the booth after school during the Hstfest.

Elsewhere, kids were learning other Scandinavian arts, such as Norwegian dancing.

Some of the presenters will also be presenting in area schools this week as part of the Hstfest in the Schools program.