Swedes in the Weeds debuts at Høstfest

The music of Swedes in the Weeds, three fiddlers from Minneapolis, could be heard Wednesday afternoon as the group performed on the steps of Joy Street at the Norsk Hstfest in Minot.

The three fiddlers are making their debut at Hstfest this year, performing every day through Saturday.

According to Norsk Hstfest information, Swedes in the Weeds is comprised of Kristen Niehaus, Daniel Dahlin and Jennifer Olsen, who “focus on sharing their love of Swedish fiddling through teaching fiddle, storytelling, and bringing to life their music onstage. Niehaus, Dahlin and Olsen wear the traditional folk costume. The American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis is their home base.

All three are of Swedish heritage. They have traveled and performed in Sweden on scholarships that each has received from the American Swedish Institute’s Spelmanslag.

Norsk Hstfest-goers can watch and listen to the group at 1 and 5 p.m. each day of Norsk Hstfest.

Eloise Ogden