Keep in touch with God, even if you are busy

It is hard to believe that summer is over. No more hot weather and no more hanging out all day. Now it’s back to school and I’ve got to hit the books and start learning again. Sports have already started and I have school work stuck on my mind. How am I supposed to keep sports, school work and, most importantly, God in my life?

I’m really excited to get to see my friends every day and sports season will be starting and all of the fun things that come with school. But now that school is starting, I’m going to have a lot to juggle around. The most important thing that I need to remember is how to keep God my first priority.

During the summer I figured out how to keep him in my life. Now that school has started I’m going to have even more stuff to focus on but I need some ways to figure out how to keep my Catholic faith strong.

I attend Bishop Ryan Catholic School and am really happy I have the opportunity to learn about my faith at my school. A lot of kids who don’t go to a Catholic school don’t get to learn about their Catholic religion every day like I get to. I am very grateful for that opportunity.

Let’s say I didn’t go to a Catholic school; how could I keep God the most important thing out of everything?

Well, how about starting with going to church every Sunday? Going to church can grow your relationship closer with God. Maybe you have felt like you’ve drifted away from God throughout the days of school because you are so busy with school work and sports. Go to church and listen to what the priest is saying and just pray to God that he will help you stay close to him.

Another way to become closer with God is by praying. Praying doesn’t have to take an hour. Maybe your teacher walked out of the classroom to go print a test you are about to take and you are really nervous. Take the time when your teacher is out of the room to pray that you will do well on that test. Another good time to pray is before you go to you bed. Before you go to bed pray to God that tomorrow will be a great day and thank him for the great day you had today.

I hope this school year I will be able to keep God close to my heart. I will do anything that will keep my relationship strong with him.

Hannah Candrian is a freshman at Bishop Ryan Catholic School in Minot.