Berry realistic pies on exhibit

One of the exhibitors in Stockholm Hall at the Norsk Hostfest has a display of pies in a variety of flavors, but upon taking a closer look, it can be discovered that the pies are actually candles and not suitable for consumption.

Not only do the candles look like the pies they represent, but they are all also scented exactly the way they look.

Carla Beavers, of Minot, along with her daughter, Marilee Beavers-Christian, of Max, operate Berry Fine Candle Design, their realistic-looking candle business. This is about their fifth year in business, Beavers said, and their second time exhibiting at the Norsk Hostfest. Her daughter had been working in the South, Beavers continued, and when she returned, came up with the idea of making candles look like a real piece of pie.

“We’ve had a lot of fun with it,” Beavers said. “We make it a family affair and have candle production parties.”

The candles are mostly whole pies or pieces of a pie, but there are also glasses filled with candle pieces of fruit. Beavers said she and her daughter hope to do some wedding type arrangements in the future, but are still experimenting with pies. “People have asked for rhubarb-scented candles, but it’s hard to find that scent,” she added. “Mostly we just have the berry or fruit scent.”

It starts with a big block of wax that is then melted down and fit into molds, Beavers said. Then the creating begins, followed by adding the color. “Everything is hand created so there’s no way to duplicate the same pie.” Her daughter finds the scents from a website and buys the best wax, a high density parafin wax that’s very slow-burning, she continued. The candles are made in bulk, so Beavers guessed that one whole pie would take six to eight hours to make.

Making candles is an enjoyable activity for both Beavers and her daughter. “It’s just a nice bonding time with family, a very relaxing hobby and it’s satisfying to have realistic-looking products. We get very positive feedback from the public,” Beavers said.

The candle pies can be found at the Norsk Hostfest through Saturday as well as at Pride of Dakota events and the Big One craft shows.