The week that was

A-ROD SUES MLB Was anyone surprised that Alex Rodriguez sued Major League Baseball and commissioner Bud Selig last week? The disgraced superstar is also appealing his 211-game suspension for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substance policy on multiple ocassions. The lawsuit filed in New York says Selig and MLB have tried to smear Rodriguez’ reputation to cover up Selig’s inaction over the previous years of players using performance-enhancing drugs. Rodriguez has done a good enough job on his own smearing whatever is left of his reputation. But we suspect the real reason for Rodriguez’ lawsuit is this:?Money. The suit says his 211-game suspension will cost him tens of millions of dollars and could prevent him from reaching performance goals worth millions more. What are we missing here? Of course his suspension will cost A-Rod millions of dollars. That’s what happens when you are suspended after failing repeated drug tests. We’re guessing A-Rod is far more concerned about his money than his repuation, which is already in tatters. Perhaps it’s possible to recover some of his money, but A-Rod is never getting what was once a good reputation back, no matter what the outcome of any lawsuit.

WATCH OUT FOR MOOSE Last week’s moose/car collision in north Minot is a reminder that wildlife roaming through the city certainly isn’t uncommon. It’s also a clear reminder that moose and vehicles don’t mix. Deer, turkey and other animals routinely wander the streets of the city, as well as the ocassional moose. It’s unfortunate that the moose hit on North Broadway had to be killed after it was severely injured, but officials from North Dakota Game &?Fish had no choice. Besides ever-changing road construction, the increase in traffic that comes with a growing population, drivers should also be on the lookout for wildlife on Minot’s streets.