Don’t bring pets into stores

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

Why do people think it’s ok to bring their dogs into a grocery store? I saw a man carrying a poodle the other day in a grocery store. Than I saw a lady bring a baby kitten into the store not in a cat holder, but in their arms. What is wrong with you people?

Other people have to eat this food and take it home to their families. I went and talked to a manager and all he said was “Do they have a red service coat on?” I told him to go and ask them. Animals shouldn’t be brought into the deli area or anywhere else unless they are service dogs or cats, I guess.

I’m all for service dogs and helping people out. I have a lab myself and love her a lot, but I would never bring her into a place of business where there is food. How do we know those animals don’t have fleas, ticks, or worse yet, rabies? What happens when an animal bites a customer? The place of business gets sued because they didn’t ask for a paper that says it’s a service animal.

Use your head and leave your animals at home or in the truck for a few minutes.