A tragic accident

Bob Timm, Minot

It was really sad to see the spectacle, or should I say circus, made of the tragic killing of that once magnificent moose on Thursday morning in north Minot. If citations were not filed against the driver of the vehicle responsible I believe there should have been. Some facts to consider are: 1) The speed limit in that area is 30 mph. 2) It happened on a downward slope that allows a driver to see way, way ahead. 3) It happened within 100 feet of a very busy pedestrian crosswalk. 4) Big adult bull moose don’t “bolt” out into traffic.

The car was a total loss; it hit something bigger than any passenger vehicle, and driving conditions were excellent. If the driver wasn’t speeding (and most likely texting) I’d be a monkey’s uncle. That moose could just as easily have been a Minot State University or Bishop Ryan student crossing the intersection less than 100 feet away.

This was really the senseless killing of a beautiful animal and could just as easily been the death of one of Minot’s children.