Høstfest chips & chocolate honor comedy duo

They’re salty and sweet The Indian & The White Guy Chips and Chocolate a new and original treat at Norsk Hstfest this year.

The potato chips with chocolate were created in honor of Williams and Ree, comedians who are longtime performers at Minot’s Hostfest who often are billed as “The Indian and the White Guy.”

Cindy Yale, of Mikey’s Country Candy, who sells the snack at a booth in Reykjavik Hall during Hstfest this week, said it is a collaboration of the candy company located in Burlington and Norsk Hstfest. She said she came up with the idea and presented it to Hstfest executive director Pam Davy.

Yale said Williams and Ree “give their blessing to put their name on it.”

Bruce Williams and Terry Ree, who have been performing together for more than 40 years, are very popular entertainers at Hstfest and pack in the crowds at their shows.

As for how the sales are going for the treat, Yale said, “It’s going tremendous.” She said Williams and Ree also talk about it on stage during their shows and then sales really soar after the shows.

A bag of the sweet and salty treat costs $5. The snack is available only at Norsk Hstfest, the annual event that continues through today.