How did child sneak onto plane?

The news this past weekend that a 9-year-old boy without a ticket boarded a flight in Minneapolis and flew to Las Vegas is greatly disturbing, to say the least.

Delta Air Lines said Monday that airline and airport officials will review policies and procedures to determine how the boy passed through security screeners and gate personnel to board the plane. The flight crew became suspicious because the child was not on their list of unattended minors. The crew contacted Las Vegas police, who took the boy into child protective services when the flight landed in Las Vegas.

We’re amazed that anyone, much less a child, was able to get past TSA screeners, ticket agents and the flight crew to make it aboard the plane. Any time we’ve flown, we’ve been asked for identification at various points along the journey through an airport. How does a child with no ticket and no identification actually board a plane? What if the boy had been allowed to disembark the plane in Las Vegas?

The situation doesn’t exactly fill us with confidence in the security systems involved. Let’s hope the situation was a once-in-a-lifetime mistake attributed to human error, and that a thorough investigation gets to the bottom of what happened.