Are they paying attention?

One wonders, sometimes, whether President Barack Obama and others involved in his vendetta against the coal industry pay any attention to their own administration’s energy forecasts.

Consider one issued this week by the Energy Department. Analysts there expect the vast majority of American households will pay more for home heating this winter. Prices for natural gas, electricity and propane will be higher, they explained.

It’s no wonder, in view of the White House and Environmental Protection Agency campaign to ensure prices for those sources of energy increase.

Coal is, by far, the most economical fuel for generating electricity. Obama and his cronies want to shut down virtually every coal-fired power plant in the nation.

That will mean much higher electric bills for tens of millions of Americans.

Because the administration likes gas as an alternate fuel for power plants, demand for it will skyrocket. That will mean higher prices for gas and propane. Gas prices already are trending higher.

Obama’s war on coal will, if allowed to proceed, increase many utility bills by hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars a year. Either the president doesn’t realize that – or he just doesn’t care.