Socialists overtones

Mike Schauer, Mandan

The progressive Liberal agenda of transforming America from a capitalist society that made America great, to an all-government society with socialist overtones has been thwarted, and hopefully stopped in its tracks. I commend the conservatives within the Republican Party for making their stand now, instead of later, before any more damage could be done to our already fragile economy.

People are waking up to the fact that this administration and its policies are having a detrimental effect on every aspect of their lives, which is evident by Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s poll numbers slipping steadily downward to 35 percent and falling. From the Affordable Care Act, known as ObamaCare, to all the policies this administration has enacted through executive orders, such as the Dream Act, Dodd / Frank, and the EPA have taken their toll. The Radical Progressives within the Democratic party and the national media have come to realize that they have hit a brick wall with the current slowdown in government, and the Republicans refusal to move forward on funding their radical agenda until they come to the table and accept the fact that we tax-paying Americans cannot afford them anymore is what needs to be done.

I urge Congressman Cramer and Senator Hoeven to stay the course, hold president and the radical progressive’s feet to the fire and force them to make concessions on their budget-busting policies.