Fright night on ice

It’s a show taking place on the ice, but it’s not an ice show. Rather, it’s a theatrical production with a Halloween-type story and the performers are on figure skates. It’s “Welcome to My Nightmare,” the first-of-its-kind Halloween performance on ice by the Magic City Figure Skating Club.

The fun-for-the-whole-family production will take place Oct. 30 and 31 at 5:45 p.m. in the Maysa Arena in Minot. Treat bags will be handed out to children in attendance on Halloween. Cost for admission is $6 for adults, $4 for kids age 12 and under, and kids age 3 and under are free.

“It’s great for a safe Halloween and you still will have time for trick-or-treating,” said Darren Browning, director and choreographer of the one-hour show.

The storyline of the skating show is about a thousand-year-old warlock seeking an eternal bride, Browning said. He explained a young couple is driving in a car and it breaks down in the warlock’s territory, and the rest of the story consists of the antics that take place for the warlock to make the girl his eternal bride.

“It’s very theme-park oriented, and the ghouls become the back-up dancers for the girl,” he said.

Browning said there are a variety of songs in the production. He said the main song is from the title of the show, but not the version done by The Doors. There will also be a song by Celine Dion and a Beatles medley. “It goes back and forth from fun to creepy,” he said.

This is the first time the Magic City Figure Skating Club has done a production like this, Browning said. He said the goal is to bring people into the Maysa Arena and let them see the skills of the figure skating club and bring entertainment to people. “We wanted something where people who don’t have any kids in the show come into the show and think, ‘Wow, that’s amazing,’ and can’t wait for the next show,” Browning said.

“Welcome to My Nightmare” features about 20 male and female skaters, ages 8 to 34, from the Magic City Figure Skating Club, Browning said. He said they started practicing for the Halloween show at the beginning of September, and have been practicing mostly on weekends.

Browning, who is relatively new to Minot, is not a figure skater, but owned his own theater company in Boston for 22 years. Before coming to Minot, he had been living in Mexico with his partner, Rodrigo Menendez. The Magic City Figure Skating Club was looking for a new club director and Menendez, who had previously skated with Disney on Ice, applied and was hired for the job. He and Browning moved to Minot.

“I take what I do on stage and then transpose that to the ice,” Browning said. “I’ve learned a lot about figure skating.” It has been a fun and interesting experience, too.”

Browning said he wants people to experience the figure skating world by attending the Halloween show. “We have something new to offer to the community. We want everyone to come and have a good time and be excited for the next show.”