Rock the Leaves breaks records

For the first time ever Rock the Leaves was a three-day festival this year, and it couldn’t have gone any better.

“As far as funds raised we definitely broke the record this year,” said Dan Hansen, founder of Rock the Leaves. “It was a very successful year. It was our best year yet, and that’s what we were shooting to do.”

Hansen said the exact amount raised hadn’t been determined yet, but it was definitely into five-digit territory.

“We set some pretty hefty goals and I feel like we really rose to the occasion,” Hansen said.

Hansen is planning on sticking with the three-day format for future Rock the Leaves events. It not only allowed them to break the fundraising record, but the attendance record as well, and he can’t wait to see what next year will bring.

“The three-day thing worked out really well. It’s something we’re definitely planning on doing in the future,” Hansen said. “Between the three days we had between 2,000 and 3,000 people and that’s another record that we made this year.”

The only change he is looking at making is ending the festival on a Saturday or Sunday, rather than a Monday as happened this year.

The Monday concert only took place because Grammy award-winning band Switchfoot played as part of their current concert tour. Hansen said ticket sales for that show blew away his expectations. He was expecting to sell 400 tickets, and ended up selling over 1,000.

Hansen noted that while Switchfoot is still in the early part of their tour, the tour’s management is projecting the Minot concert to be one of the most successful of all 43 cities they will be playing, which includes places such as Kansas City and Chicago.

Hansen said he is thankful for all the volunteers, businesses and churches that helped make this year’s Rock the Leaves the best yet.

– Dan Feldner