The week that was

BACK TO WORK Amid the political grandstanding, finger-pointing and excuse-making following the welcome end of the partial government shutdown, President Barack Obama made a statement that we agree with: “The American people are completely fed up with Washington,” the president said Thursday after the 16-day standoff ended and the federal government completely reopened for business. We couldn’t agree more with the president’s statement: Americans are fed up with Washington, but we certainly hope Obama realizes that he’s part of Washington, too. Even as furloughed workers returned to their jobs, office doors were reopened and barricades were removed, there remains a sense of “what did the whole thing accomplish?” That, of course, depends on who you ask. In all likelihood, it the whole mess accomplished very little, if anything, other than to irritate millions of Americans. Actually, we also agree with another statement from Obama: “We’ll bounce back from this. We always do.” He is right, but it’s unfortunate that we continually find ourselves, as a country, having to “bounce back” from self-inflicted damage.

CAKES FOR CANCER The Project Pink Cake Auction last week at MarketPlace foods raised $5,675 for the Trinity Health Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation Program following a cake-decorating event supported by a wide variety of local businesses and their employees. Cakes were decorated by employees, then auctioned off later in the day. Employees from more than 30 area businesses decorated cakes. The event wasn’t held for two years because of the 2011 Souris River flood, but we’re glad the event, one of many in this area that raise money for cancer awareness and local charities, is back. It’s yet another example of area residents and businesses working together to help charities and individuals alike.