Dangerous Minot drivers

Rebecca Almeida, Minot

As an avid outdoor runner, it’s a shame to see drivers in this area not only reckless, but perhaps ignorant to the local pedestrian laws. Without a doubt, luck has been on my side as I’ve come close to being vehicle-struck numerous times.

There has been a trend of drivers making turns at intersections without checking for crossing pedestrians. Even with a walk signal and being in the crosswalk, I find myself looking for approaching drivers, worried they’re distracted by their phones and don’t see me since sadly, this is a common experience of mine.

Even more frustrating is how the majority of Minot drivers will see pedestrians waiting at crosswalks, and still refuse to stop for them. If you blatantly see someone waiting, stop. This occurrence isn’t specific to myself. When the roles are switched and I find myself behind the wheel, I don’t understand why I’ll see a pedestrian far ahead waiting to cross and sometimes a handful of vehicles will pass them, who clearly could have let them cross but for some reason, don’t. Not only is it common courtesy, but it’s the law to yield to crosswalks.

With the weather cooling down, running outdoors is becoming less of a luxury, but hopefully with the next warm season we could see drivers less careless to runners, or at least know the laws.