Supporting bond issue

Kristen Boen, Minot

The residents of Minot have a huge opportunity in front of them, an opportunity to improve on a school system with spectacular teachers and eager students by giving them the facilities they need to properly do their jobs of teaching and learning.

We need to get out to vote on Dec. 10 for those who do not have a vote but have the most at stake regarding the Minot Public School bond issue vote.

Many of the schools are unsound, dated, inadequate and overcrowded for today’s educational practices. Passing the bond issue will provide appropriate size classrooms, avoid overcrowding and bring our schools closer to modern educational standards.

The increasing number of students predicted to be attending Minot Public Schools in the upcoming years is a positive thing for the town if we are prepared. Unprepared for this growth, schools become crowded, unsafe and hazardous with the increase in traffic, students and staff. This growth in our population is the future of Minot and we need to embrace it, prepare for it, learn from it and grow gracefully with it.

We are fortunate that this bond issue vote is arriving at a time when the State of North Dakota has rolled back property taxes. After passing the bond, property taxes are expected to be less than they were in 2012.

The last bond issue that was passed in Minot was voted on in December 1969 for the construction of Magic City Campus. The Minot taxpayers have not paid for a Minot Public School bond issue for 44 years and certainly should not be surprised by the need and size of the bond issue required with all of the growth we have been seeing in Minot.

In 2011, the residents of Minot saw this community pull together to help those in danger of the rising waters of the Souris River. We need to again come together to help the residents of the community but this time we will not be helping haul belongings from homes and fill sandbags. We will be voting to support our children.