YWCA?helps homeless, too

Alisa Dahl, Garrison

I read with interest the article “Solutions Through Grace” regarding housing of homeless men in Minot and am very supportive of these efforts. Imagine my surprise when I read Rev. Bruce Krebs’ statement that the Domestic Violence Crisis Center was the only homeless shelter in town.

The YWCA Minot has been operating a shelter for women in downtown Minot since 1915 and continues to provide emergency shelter and permanent supportive housing to women and children in need. We are able to do this through the continued generous support of businesses and citizens in Minot and surrounding areas, as well as through local, state, and federal grants.

I encourage Rev. Krebs and any other citizens who want to learn more about our homeless shelter to contact the YWCA in Minot. We happily partner with the Minot Homeless Coalition and the Domestic Violence Crisis Center to provide services to the homeless and continue our mission of empowering women and eliminating racism.