Opposing school bond

Daniel Griffith, Minot

I do not know any property owners in Minot who would vote yes on the school bond issue.

The proponents of the bond are only seeing this from a perspective of helping the children, and no one denies these schools need upgrades. But this proposal is the wrong approach and will have harmful effects on families with fixed incomes.

If passed, this will be a big blow to retired and low-income families. For some it could be the breaking point, especially for families still dealing with the aftermath of the 2011 flood. To burden these people even further is insane. I, for one, am growing tired of people bringing up what Grand Forks and Fargo did. We are not them. At a time when our city is just beginning to recover from the flood and the rapid influx of new residents, putting this additional burden on our people would be totally unwise.