A lack of sportsmanship

Peggy Kostenko, Minot

Some people may not be interested in seventh- and eighth-grade sports or feel that they are important. The players and their parents feel otherwise.

There was a volleyball tournament this past weekend (Oct. 11-12) for both leagues of A and B squads who had played throughout this rec season. However, one team was allowed to bring down “A” players to their “B” team for the tournament. They did play their “B” players during qualifying games, as long as they had one game won. When it came to the semi-finals and championship, they did not take their “A” players out and they rotated in some of the “B” players briefly. If this is the only way they can win a championship, shame on them.

How do you think the girls who played the “B” team league feel, both from the team and the rest of the league? The girls knew that this had been allowed and that it was not fair. If one team is allowed to bring down “A” players, then this should be extended to all teams to level the playing field.

What is Minot Rec teaching these players at this tournament? One person who brought this up with a rec official was told that there were extenuating circumstances, a coach was told that the tournament is like a new season, which is it? Again, shame on Minot Rec; they should be the fair and impartial governing body.