Schools need upgrades

Mike Lucy, Minot

As we started our family we were apprehensive about having our children attend such a large school district. My wife and I are both from small, rural communities where everyone knew everyone. We both attended schools that educated grades K-12 in one building.

Since then our four daughters have all been educated in the Minot Public School District. Two of them have gone on to college and two are in high school at this time. As parents we are so completely satisfied with the education that our children received, the academic opportunities they had and with the extra-curricular activities that were offered to them.

The quality of students that Minot High School graduates is attributed to the highly qualified educators, administrators and support staff who work with them. Our graduates always rank toward the top academically within the state of North Dakota.

We have noticed, though, after traveling with our four daughters over the past several years, that Minot does not rank toward the top for quality of facilities compared to other Class A schools.

Without new facilities, class sizes will continue to grow, along with the addition of more portables. This is not conducive to the academic education that we want for our students now or in the future.

We not only have to be worried about our children’s academic future, but also their safety. We cannot keep thinking that portable classrooms are a permanent solution to this problem.

We have an opportunity to make a difference in our community and the future of our children for many generations. Let’s not kick the can down the road on the issue that is not going away. Vote yes on Dec. 10 for students.