Cemetery is neglected

Sandra Trondson, Garrison

I grew up in Des Lacs. During the past two or three years it has come to my attention that the Des Lacs Cemetery has been very neglected. It is very sad and disappointing. A cemetery should look beautiful and serene a sacred place for loved ones. You choose this special place knowing this will be their final resting place and you believe that they will be taken care of. This is not the case here.

I have been there, with other members of my family, trying to get it back into some sort of semblance of a well-cared-for cemetery. This year the grounds have been mowed approximately three times. The last mowing had grass 6 to 8 inches tall and had to be raked by hand afterward. Many of the head stones were not visible since they were overgrown by grass and weeds. The ground has settled in quite a few areas and there are stones that are no longer standing erect. In one case, the family-name headstone has fallen over.

I am not sure who is responsible for the care of the cemetery if it is the city or township. If there are no funds available maybe a solution would be to ask volunteers to donate their time and effort for work/cleanup days during the year to help restore it to the way a cemetery should be. Area groups could be involved, letters written to families who already have loved ones there and/or donations. I do not live in Des Lacs anymore but would be willing to volunteer my time to help out and hopefully others from the city and local areas will do the same.

Please, if you know of or are a member of the group or entity responsible for the care of this cemetery, step up, take the actions needed and correct the situation.