Bond issue:?Find the facts

Steve Velk, Minot

Congratulations are in order to the voters in Wahpeton and Grafton. Over the past few of weeks, residents of these two North Dakota cities took to the polls and approved $30 million and $19 million in bonds, respectively, for their public schools. They needed the bond and voters did the right thing.

This same type of vote has occurred in the past couple of years in Bismarck and West Fargo. Our education systems across the state are in need of important infrastructure additions and upgrades. Again, congratulations to all those communities that are showing their continued support for students by voting yes for school bonds.

Minot voters will have that same opportunity to make a big decision about the future of education in Minot on Dec. 10. As a school board member, I am grateful for the feedback and information we have received from the community over the last two years regarding the direction you want the schools to take. Minot School Board’s proposal will address overcrowding, with more than 1,000 students having moved in over the past five years, and will also prepare for the 1,000 additional students projected to arrive in the next five years. At our current pace, all schools in the district will be at or over capacity in the next five years. We need to plan and invest now in new space for our children in order to continue their high-quality education.

As part of this bond vote, much needed funds will go toward district-wide upgrades to safety and security at all our schools. No one wants overcrowding or unsafe buildings or classrooms and now is the time to make changes to improve the protection children are provided in Minot.

I trust you’ll find out more about the facts and reasons behind the need for this district-wide bond and then vote on Dec. 10. See you at the polls!