Restoring Minot AFB static displays

Volunteers at Minot Air Force Base are sprucing up the static displays at the base.

Project Restoration, a project spearheaded by Capt. Bryan Fanick, officer in charge of operations for the 5th Maintenance Group, is being done to reclaim the monuments on the base for future generations.

The volunteers have been restoring and repainting the static displays in recent weeks, mainly doing the work on weekends.

1st Lt. Jose Davis, a spokesman for the base, said the AGM-28 and the F-102 displays have been completed. “They hope to finish the Minuteman ICBM this weekend,” he said.

Other static displays on the base are the T-33, T-38, F-106 and the missile transporter/erector.

Davis said the work started in September and this will be the last weekend of it until next year when the project will resume and the rest of the static displays will be finished.