Animal cruelty sickening

We’re not even sure where to begin with this story: A Shetland pony was chased from its pen near Bottineau, hit by a vehicle and eventually dragged behind a vehicle until it was dead.

Who tortures and kills an animal in such a manner?

The investigation continues into the horrendous crime, which happened in September. Dave Boppre, the pony’s owner, told The Minot Daily?News he believes the pony was chased from Boppre’s property around 10 p.m. The animal’s remains were found at the intersection of roads leading to Lake Metigoshe and the airport near Bottineau. The details of the abuse are sickening.

If caught and convicted, the perpetratoars could face serious jail time. The 2013 Legislature passed SB-2211, a new law that brings felony-level punishment to serious cases of animal cruelty and abuse. Obviously, this case would rise to that level, and even first-time offenders could be charged with a Class C felony.

It saddens us that anyone would conduct themselves in such a cruel way toward an animal. Those responsible need to be brought to justice and punished according to the law. The state has no tolerance for such cruelty.