Strickland pleas to lesser charge in drug deal case

Matthew Strickland, 37, pleaded guilty to three Class C felonies on Oct. 7 related to a March 31 alleged drug deal gone bad. His most serious charge, attempted murder, a Class A felony, was reduced to reckless endangerment for this plea.

A woman had called in that March night reporting that a man, determined to be Strickland, had shot at her near South Broadway’s intersection with 31st Avenue Southwest. The reason was, according to an affidavit, she had changed her mind about selling him some pills. The drug type was not disclosed.

Strickland will serve five years concurrently for reckless endangerment and terrorizing and will serve five years probation after his release for prohibited possession of a firearm. That third sentencing term is known as a “consecutive suspended” sentence. A fourth misdemeanor charge, driving with a suspended license, was dismissed.

Strickland will also pay $525 in attorney fees and $525 in court fees.

Flint McColgan